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sound systemsAs with all Technologies, noticeable improvements are made on a regular basis. The Audio & Video Technology is no different. In the last TEN years we have seen most Home TV Sets become Flatscreen TV Screens, some with Full HD, some with 3D and some with Smart TV functions. The major concern with the new TV Screens is all about the Audio quality & level. When a Screen is only 40mm in depth, Audio is sometimes a problem. This has paved the way for more affordable sound systems to become available, all of which can compliment the new TV Screen. It is now, a great time for consumers, who want to upgrade the ‘old stereo’, for the Cinema Sound experience. We can help you to choose the right option to suit your needs and budget.

We have a number of different Audio options to choose from…

The Soundbar Option.
This is a Speakerbar that is usually placed above or below the TV Screen. The Soundbar Option is good for a small to medium sized room as the amplifier is normally part of the Soundbar. This can in turn mean that less space would normally be required.
The Soundbars can range in price from €150 to €800 depending on brand choice and quality required.

The Surround Sound Option.
This usually means installing a Surround Sound Amplifier, with 6 or more speakers for a 5.1 / 7.1 System. These will take up more room than the Soundbar Option, so they are more suitable to the medium to large size rooms. However, if the speakers can be correctly positioned, the System can create a real cinema sound experience. This type of System can range from €399 to many thousands of euros, depending on the quality and connectivity required.

The Stereo Option.
This is still a very popular option with people who want to create a quality sound without the need for ‘speaker clutter’.
The option is also very popular for all Music lovers, where quality is a high priority for playing music.
This Option can range from €600 upwards.

The Multi-room Option.
This is where speakers are installed in various rooms of the house, with Wi-Fi amplifiers connected to  each speaker unit. Playing your music is carried out through your phone or ipad.

SONOS, YAMAHA, DENON and other brands are available for this use.

The Commercial Option.
If you own or run a Commercial premises, a Pub, Office or Store, why not call us today to discuss a Sound System thats suits your needs.

We use Systems from Sony, Panasonic, Denon, Yamaha, Monitor Audio, Sonos and more.

All of our Sound Systems can be fitted if required. This includes wall mounting and ceiling mounting of Speakers if required.

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