Saorview TV Options

Saorview TV
Tuite TV are proud to be involved in the new SAORVIEW TV System. The new Digital TV Service, provides Consumers with more Channel Choice. The Soarview TV System offers both Irish TV & Radio Channels, along with better Quality Pictures and Sound. The Saorview TV System was officially launched to the market in the summer of 2011 and is available to homes across the country.
There are a number of ways to receive this Saorview TV service.
In most cases an external Saorview Aerial would be required. This would normally be fitted to a chimney stack, but in some cases a wall installation may be possible. Our Trained Staff can Install this Saorview TV Aerial for you.

Once the Saorview Aerial is in place and functioning correctly, you then have three options….

Option one
You can buy a new Saorview TV Sceen. This will have a built in Saorview Decoder. There will be no need to purchase a Saorview Receiver if a Saorview TV is being used.

Option two
If you don’t want to change your NON Saorview TV Screen, you can purchase a Saorview TV Receiver (Saorview Set-top BOX). This can the be connected to you existing NON Saorview TV Screen to receive the Saorview TV Channels as required.

Option three
You could combine a Saorview TV System with a Free to Air Satellite System to enable you to receive both Saorview TV and Free to Air TV. This will give you both UK Free to Air TV Channels and Saorview TV Channels. For this system a Satellite Dish and a Saorview TV Aerial would be required, with a Combo Receiver also being recommended. The current Triax Combo Receiver would be our choice of a good quality Combo Receiver.

Saorview list

All of the above options allows viewers receive the digital SAORVIEW TV service free into the future.

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